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Section 5: Advertising & Consumption

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Section 5 AdvertisingConsumptiony Machine based production in urban centrescultural manager work to create markets high vs low end goods y Fordism mass production of cars cultural managers worked to create new markets as new customers emerge1 Product Oriented Approach early 192030sOur decisions are based on the product itselfAds provided the need for consumers to buy things 2 Product Symbol Approach 4050sWe see advertisers becoming more cleverProducts now have brand symbols attached to products that give it more valueShift in which knowledge about the consumer became important they werent simple but rather based on the particular quality the ad was able to portraystatus and prestigeShift moves form fucntionability towards social desire 3 Personalization 5060sKnowledge about the consumer is paramountconsumercentralCreates fiction of intimacy in which product is assured to have some role in your lifeWe buy products that somehow speak to us have a personalization attached to itPrimary target were housewivesthey had new found purchasing power however these ads exposed them mainly towards domestic products that would bring happiness into their homes 4 Market Segmentation 8090s A new level of personalization more specific degreeYouth is mainly targeted
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