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12 Apr 2012

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Process by which economic, political, cultural borders are broken down. Economic, political and cultural systems rely on one another for cultural survival. Transformed communication spaces and social relations across natural borders i. e. economic downturn affected on an international scale: economic (money making isn"t only local) Operate and conduct businesses across many borders i. e. disney, mcdonalds, nike: political (the role of governments) Underlying rules/legislations/rules that our governments create/enforce to set the framework in which transational corporations could operate in. Governments have huge roles in allowing/disallowing/repeal laws: migratory (the movement of world citizens) How freely people can move and relocate to new countries (i. e. after a natural disaster) Digitization the process where data, text, sound, video are all stored electronically ability to preserve data for years and alter it, making communications technology easier. What happens to the product after it"s thrown: cultural submissiveness. Example: canadian television stations reliance on american programming. Profits because majority rather watch american programming.