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Week 11 Lecture Guide.doc

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

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Week 11Globalization and SportThe Process of Globalization Globalization defined Breaking down bordersProcess by which economic political cultural borders are broken downResults in integrationIntegration and interdependenceEconomic political and cultural systems rely on one another for cultural survivalPositivenegativecontroversial outcomesHow globalization operates Four major partsTransformed communication spaces and social relations across natural bordersie economic downturnaffected on an international scale1Economic money making isnt only localTransnational corporations Operate and conduct businesses across many bordersie Disney McDonalds Nike2Political the role of governmentsUnderlying ruleslegislationsrules that our governments createenforce to set the framework in which transational corporations could operate inGovernments have huge roles in allowingdisallowingrepeal laws3Migratory the movement of world citizensHow freely people can move and relocate to new countries ie after a natural disaster1
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