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Week 11 Lecture Guide 2010 UPDATE.docx

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

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Week 11 Alternative Mainstream and GlobalisationMASS CULTURElargest possible audiencematerial content is produced for big numbersdominant audiences and ideologybeliefs of the largest groupsprofit motiveconsumers firstpeople who can be defined by economic capitalSUBCULTURES Deviate from social normsUniversal common sense normalFringe or undergroundDefining markerPeople living below the radarCreate spaces outside society creating the marginsChallenge norms of cultureSubcultures change things culturally and socially but it is not intendedSubcultures challenge the normsExamplesNapoleon Dynamite nerds outcasts they arent part of the dominant group Rave theres a lot of drugs involved less mainstream music Hiphop beyond beats and rhymes men who like to dress as women men taking on different identities Ashley Madison people usually get married to stay together marriage is monogamous creating a new identity COUNTERCULTURES Challenge and contradict mainstream culturePolitical statements or messagesDifferent groups create different meanings about the same social phenomenonThey contest the dominant meaningsChange is the goalChange the social world in terms of changing peoples practices and changing the way they think1
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