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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 8RepresentationWhat are the politics of representationShould pop cult be free of politics Why or why notWhat are the consequences of dominant groups being responsible for and having more control over the resources to represent minority group identities Is it possible for media representations to be unbiasedHow are my cultures perspectives represented in the popular culture I am attracted to Representation and FramingRepresentationStewart Hall Meaning and language are connected to culturecommunicates messagesMaking claimsabout reality not always realistic or accurateclaimsown representations of reality The what of textsConcentrates on whatEg filmmakers were trying to represent reality of Internet in a documentary Growing Up OnlineBasic summaries of a textExamples Growing Up OnlineChapter 4 of textbookrepresentation of historical theory and approaches to critiquing the production of cultureThe Persuaders represented behind the scenes processes of the marketing and advertising industrywhat were interested in FramingFocuses on organization how representations are organized1
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