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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

SOC202 04112012 What is popular culture Culture 1 Capital C culturebig C culturewhat is not accessible to the masses based on the distant pasttraditions that have been followed for generations cannot be represented by what we do in the present Ballets operas Shakespeare 2 Way of Lifeway of life everyday events and practices what people do and what they attach to those activities that constitute to cultureCoffee school smoking Both types of culture tries to ignore mass media believes they act as a corrupting forcebelieves the mass media taints the true definitionidea of culture Believe mass media is all about the moneycapitalism Mass media as a corrupting forceMass media always out to make a profit o Attracts mass audiences therefore more profitCorruptstaints culture Popular1 Quantity people rating numbers marketdriven popular culturewhat makes money what gets people watching Money earned by celebrities ratings of showsmovies 2 Of the Peopledetermines the value of the products sold comes from the grass roots Popular Culture General Themes QuantityEvery dollar Matt Damon earned corporation earned 29 back 20072008 Vince Vaughan made Hollywood Studios 14LeBouf made 160 in 2009 Transformersmade so much because they didnt pay LeBouf that much to start withalso huge audience base for Transformers
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