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Lecture 2

Week 2 Popular culture Lecture - NotesT.doc

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 2General ThemesWhat is popular cultureCulture1Capital C cultureTradition not usually accessible by the massesAssociated with elite classes in societyGrew up with it Based on a distant past Ex the opera art shows theatre winterlicious2Way of lifeEveryday activities events practices What people do and the meaning they give to those activities Ex Work texting boxing day shopping weight loss religious practicesMass media as a corrupting forceThese types of culture arent to make money but to spread tradition Making money angle taints culture with money making Popular 1Quantity a lot of people doing something buying watching number of people size of an audience Ex Movie box office people watchedprofit2008vince vaughn20092010 Shia labeouf 2011 Kristen Stewart2Of the people groups of peopleEx occupy movement protests culture becomes political in a wayStudent groupsComing from the people or being of the peopleThree main components of popular culture1Consumption and productionConsumption anything your senses are aware of we consumeProduction We dont have a window to2Folk culture identifiable Traditional practices passed down from generation to generationOral culture type of folk culture Ex certain cultural dishes holidaysand mass culture unidentifiable 1
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