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17 Apr 2012

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Week 2
General Themes
What is popular culture?
1) Capital “C” culture
-Tradition not usually accessible by the masses.
-Associated with elite classes in society.
-Grew up with it. Based on a distant past.
Ex: the opera, art shows, theatre, winterlicious.
2) Way of life
-Everyday activities, events, practices. What people do and the meaning they give to those
Ex: Work, texting, boxing day shopping, weight loss, religious practices.
Mass media as a corrupting force
-These types of culture aren’t to make money but to spread tradition. Making money angle taints culture
with money making.
1) Quantity: a lot of people doing something (buying, watching), number of people, size of an
Ex: Movie box office people watched & profit.
2008vince vaughn
2009-2010 Shia labeouf
2011 Kristen Stewart
2) Of the people: groups of people.
-Ex: occupy movement, protests; culture becomes political in a way.
-Student groups.
(Coming from the people, or being of the people.)
Three main components of popular culture
1) Consumption and production
Consumption: anything your senses are aware of, we consume.
Production: We don’t have a window to.
2) Folk culture (identifiable)
Traditional practices passed down from generation to generation.
- Oral culture, type of folk culture. Ex: certain cultural dishes, holidays.
and mass culture (unidentifiable)
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