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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 2 General Themes What is popular cultureCulture 1 Capital C culture Many different ways to define popular culture based on 2 perspective political and economic content Ie theatre operaprivate schooluniversityexpensive restaurantsWhat is not accessible to the people general public Only for the elitetend to have more economical Assumes that culture and social power is based on the distant pass2 way of lifeassumption of mass media is a corrupting forceeverydaydaily basis activities events practiceswhat they do and what they mean sonstiture to cultureie taking the subway listening to music go to school social networks etcMass media as a corrupting force Primary force is making profit for the ownersTaints peer culture because the elite only cares to make money Popular1 quantitysize numbers ratings box office how much money the top movie madepopular is considered of quanityhow many views and money earned quanitiy can distory what popular is actually based onration of value for money
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