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Lecture 3

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 3 Historical Overview of the Field of Popular Culture and Media EffectsIn our last lecture we looked atculture as folk culturecreated by the peopleculture as mass culturemeditated to large audiencesculture as mass consumptionwhat we buy listen to and eat etcculture as the everydaywhat we do Hegemony Gramsci 1981 Believed that the audience was not brainwashed by the ideology dominating classApplicable folk culture mass consumptionWe are not brainwashed We are not passiveThe communication and interpretation of cultural messages involves acceptance and consentForce military policebeat up tortureGlobal example middle east Syria public wants a different democratic state government is against itFirst way that the dominant class used to control the masses Ie occupy movement how the police evited the protestorsuse of ideology in major civil institutions more cerebral ruling class can use the ideology to control the mass in the domininant culture in insitutionseducation mass media churchAble to control the social situations insitutions they can control and dominant the masses Aware about the ideologu bt dont do anything abouttherefore hegemony is subordinate groups accept or consen to be dominated by dominant groups
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