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Lecture 4

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 4 Perspectives on the Production of CultureThe Frankfurt School Philosophy1940s GermanyHitler era rejecting the ideology of the dayAutonomouseven though they were being paid by people with big pockets it meant that they did not have to do the type of work the people paying them to doThere are no expectations they had free range to study and use their own perspectivesConscience of society people that the students as leaders or people they looked up tooThey called out the things that were wrong in that day they have a certain intelligence that people look up to and trustCriticized the establishmentQuestioned dominant ideology Frankfurt School Questioning Dominant IdeologyRuling classthe ideas of the ruling class or groups in society Most accepted ideasa system of ideas that are most accepted as the explanation for social realityHow ruling parties maintain their powerthey do this because people accept the domination Theodor Adorno and Max HorkheimerFrankfurt School scholarssocial relations believed that the mass was being deceived but the dumbing down of mass mediaUltimate goal to inform the masses of mass deceptionOne of their most important worksThe Mass Society Theorywas not tested they didnt talk to people or sample anything they just stayed in their office and decided this but they didnt include themselvesMass Society Theory 1 Media are a negative forceneed to be controlled and regulated 2 Mass media are all powerfuland directly influence attitudes and behaviours 3 Individuals are vulnerableto the power of mass media because they live their lives unaware of howsystems of power work to manipulate them 4 Consolidation MERGINGof powerchanges in media will continue to consolidate power into the hands of thefew 5 Decline of cultural standardsmass media brings the decline of cultural standards and instead theypromote what is trivial and uncivilized behaviour The Mass society theory consists of five parts
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