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SOC 202
Stephen Muzzatti

Unit One Socialism Intro Sociology is a social science and is related to other sciences, for example, psychology. Sociology had basically bee distinct over the years. Sociology is Ontology and Ontology helps build epistemology Odd  Familiar Sociology is a way of seeing the general in particular and the odd in the familiar. General  particular  Sociological Imagination  Sociology + “choice”  Paradigms + Theories o Structural functionalism o Social conflict o Symbolic Interactionism o Cultural studies  Sociology of imagination is simultaneously an invitation but also, a tool kit to better understand ourselves and where we are in the world, as having omnipotent.  Sociology of imagination invites you to investigate this, if you have the tools you’ll better understand these three: Individual  Society Biography  History Self  Social world Micro Macro  The Social world impacts you and you have an impact on the world.  Sociology recognizes the role of an individual. “Agency”: The term agency in sociology is “that which makes us act” Who would not be at Ryerson in 1912?  Women because woman’s role was domestic at the time  Women were very actively discouraged  Racialised people wouldn't be here because they were characterized as not as smart as white people  People who needed to provide for their families Social forces that work at macro levels report our choices because we all have limitations or constrains. Sociology is not about denying individuals choices. It is about how our choices are made and created on a Macro(bigger) level. Paradigms + Theories What is a theory? A statement about how and why two facts are related. The kind of relationship theories establish are Cause and Effect, something occurs which causes another to to occur. All sciences have paradigms and these paradigms provide a set of truth and givings that define our thinking.  Ins sociology we are discussing the assumptions that concern the social world. There are four paradigms: 1. Structional Functionalism Paradigm For structional functionalism the social world is real, it has an objective and existence. The social world is “abdurate” 2. Met
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