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SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Talcott Parsons, Social Class, Homeostasis

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SOC 202
Stephen Muzzatti

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Unit One
Socialism Intro
Sociology is a social science and is related to other sciences, for example,
psychology. Sociology had basically bee distinct over the years.
Sociology is Ontology and Ontology helps build epistemology
Odd Familiar
Sociology is a way of seeing the general in particular and the odd in the
General particular
Sociological Imagination
Sociology + “choice”
Paradigms + Theories
o Structural functionalism
o Social conflict
o Symbolic Interactionism
o Cultural studies
Sociology of imagination is simultaneously an invitation but also, a tool kit to
better understand ourselves and where we are in the world, as having
Sociology of imagination invites you to investigate this, if you have the tools
you’ll better understand these three:
Individual Society
Biography History
Self Social world
Micro Macro
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