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What does sex refer to? Biological label based on genitalia Sex is felt by most to be a stable category, because most people fall into either male or female Gender - a social construction - refers to a set of behaviors and characteristics assigned to each sex - the behavior that is associated with masculinity and femininity - unlike sex, gender is not stable, it changes over time and differs from one culture to another Masculine and feminine behavior are culture and time specific Gender identity is the sense of being male or female which most children acquire by the age of three (Santrock 2004) Sometimes one’s gender identity and biological sex don’t match. This results in gender dysphoria (gender identity disorder, transexuality, cross dressing) Gender Roles - socially constructed set of expectations that influence how males and females think, feel, and behave (Santrock 2004) - refers to how a man or woman should act Where does gender identity come from? There are many different theories  Gender Schema Theory (Bem 1981)  Enculturation lens theory (Bem 1999)  Social learning theory (Bee 1998)  Identity construction theory (McManus 1999)  Social-structural or situational theories  Biological theories Gender
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