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Lecture 4

SOC 502 Lecture 4: week 4 -soc502

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Ryerson University
SOC 502

Patriarchy, maswlididity & male violence 1. theories on why men aarise -social psychology: you are dysfunction, that’s why you are mentally ill A. Mainstream sociological theories a) Social learning: you are a abuser, then you must come from a family of abusers; social learning focuses on the environment, blame the family; reinforce existing power relations. b) Male peer support: it says it’s a big cycle, only your family is dysfunctional i. Reinforce the power of patriarchy ii. Only some people are abusive iii. Court response to women’s abuse: anger management counseling --> only low income community will get charged c) Subculture d) Sex role Men’s study theories: walter dekeserdy theory male support theory -not feminist -why famous? -men give peer support to abuse women -only recognize physical violence and certain sections of the population; -interview people who are charged: working class low income people 1. traditional patriarchy a) Refers to patriarchal family: father is the dictcator, these guys also expects absolute control in their own family 2. All boy’s club: most of them work at male-dominant field; police, firefighter; all men sports league; 3. Alcohol: people start talking about their abusive thought toward women after having alcohol 4. Absence of deterrence -->anger management as court order --> all three things turn into d is because nobody said no to the behaviour; Subculture -patriarchal subculture theory: the only men who abuse are from low income, working class, low education and tend to be unemployed; their subculture (being low SES) normalizes the abusive behaviour -only look at statistics, focus on physical violence -only low working class men are problem, high income men are fine Sex role “half a theory” -not feminist -does not address patriarchy, it address musclinity is constructed in our culture to reinforce men are supposed to behave aggressively, competitively, they are supposed to be tough and unemotional. -men are not unemotional, it’s highly acceptable for men to exhibit extreme anger as part of their expression -women are expected to be soft, passive and emotional. Women are not allowed to be anger, anger is a emotion of power. Various language is used to regulate women -”angry black women” -argue narrow construction of mas: because men are socialize in masculinity, women socialize in femininity, that creates social condition where men abuse because masculinity makes them abusive; does not address power structure and relation in the patriarchal society -does not illustrate social condition and power structure that creates male violence System’s theory -it views the family as system with interrealated parts. Violence is one of the way that people deal with conflict within the family; conflict within the family is produced in the society, but not in the context of patriarchy. Social institution like workplace, creates stress in the family; violence is a technique used by which people deal with stress -unemployed men found stress and turn the stress to family: why women doesnt abuse women -stress is product of lack of access to resources Feminist theory Neither liberal and radical address family violence; have their ow Liberal -concern with middle class women getting access to male dominated job -glass ceiling -if you came from middle white family, your family send both son (get good career, increase standard of living) and women (symbol of high social status of the family, meet and marry husband from the same SES; facilitate husband career development, will be a good host; ensure kids are also educated, not expected to have own career) to university -did not recognize her own privilege 1. education reform: encourage women to go into male-dominated courses. Encourage women to go to stamp courses 2. Legislative reforms: what bec
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