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SOC 503
Stan Benda

SOCA01 Lecture 4 January 26, 2012 Date of Midterm February 18 5-7pm You should have four sections Production techniques are now the same Lean production at the lowest possible costs and that involved a flexible workforce and people Just in time inventory systems Company used to keep 100s of millions of dollars in inventory You need huge buildings to store that inventory and you got money tied up and equipment that wont be used for a couple of months Steve Jobs is a good example, you should never let failure kill you Steve Jobs started apple and board of directors replaced him as the CEO With company founder, Jobs started up a new company Midas Touch when it came to business Apple wasnt doing so well so they asked Jobs back When he got back, he discovered that Apple had two months of inventor We got the supplier another two days This gets vast saving Just in time inventory pioneered by Japanese and now practiced world wide Employees are talked to be sensitive quality of product A number belongs to an employee Obviously the product he passed If something happens in the meantime and the flaw the person who checked it We call that TQM Total Quality Management o Japanese pioneered this All transnational corporations are involved in this Later unions typically resist total quality management because it required workers to cooperate with management team Unions want works to stay at arms length You dont want workers being too cozy to management Worker management hostility or worker management antago the barrier between workers and union is broken down electronic surveillance at the workplace big brother is watching you camera is watching you employers cant put cameras in washroom opticon refers to a design of early prisons the way they are designed of early prisons, there would be a guard tower and the guards could see prisoners at all times prisoners were never out of sight of guards the idea behind that if you know you are being watched you are likely to behave electronic surveillance watched AWT Actual Working Time o Form of electronic surveillance o If an employer is working on a computer entering data, you cant do it for all jobs o If your job is to sit there at a terminal and enter data, what the company does with working time it puts software in the computer and keeps track of when you stop working o So if you work 7 hours a day and at end of the day printout reveals you only worked 5 hours o Computer supervises work When workers are aware of that, they are most likely to not slack off SOCA01 Lecture 4 January 26, 2012 On the political left argue that economic globalization erodes the power of national governments which are democratically elected So the financial muscle of huge national corporation undermines the nation state The International capital is not accountable to workers This tends to be an argument more on the left The argument goes on to say national governments lose power to international capital Economic globalization means free trade agreements are becoming increasingly popular National governments, were able to protect domestic industry and jobs One time in Canada we have a textile and shoe industry The industries are gone now They disappeared because free trade means import duties can no longer be slapped on incoming countries Sometimes this is called protectionism protect home grown industries When you get rid of protectionism and import duties, you are going to lose out for some sectors to cheaper imports To protect jobs National laws need to becareful of environmental laws If you have too many environmental laws, it costs too much Mexico is well known for having lax environmental laws If wages are too high, then remove it take the company else where A lot of pressure put on trade unions We got wages, environmental Safety laws, if theyre too strict, they cost companies too much money We seen that struggle happen in Canada where several sectors were given ultimatums New York, Tokyo, London big bank financial insititutions where capital is For investment purposes International something knows no loyalty Example of this is given by Microsoft few years ago, gave its orders to its workers to train overseas workers in what they were doing and once these overseas workers were trained, the workers were let go The nation state is held up the democratically state is held up as an ideal and being undermined by nasty capitalism People on the left generally dislike capitalism, and most of them were communists, but not to many any more after collapse of Soviet Union China follows capitalist rules but is considered communist country What is often not said, in connection to global So often as not said, international trade lowers prices significantly for consumers so thus you have places like WalMart, major retailers, and Went to jail for life Erbers went to prison for life for fraud Burney Nadof was a wealthy individual, investment firm, paunsey scheme (when you invest in an invesmtment house, and they pay you interest on your invest) Burney Naydof paid 10% on investment that is unheard of Burney Naydof was paying this 10% from the money he got from new recruits and so he never really had any money He was given three life terms Growth of political institutions Internationally elite of fabulously wealthy individuals comes with globalization These are financiers money men, bankers, people who work in companies, wall street types Senior employees, global corporations, economic elites o People on the listSOCA01 Lecture 4 January 26, 2012 Communications tom cruise and Nicole kidman o Big money makers In sports, you have fabulously wealthy elite Soccer players, Messi Barcelona Ronaldo Portugal David Beckham England Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, yow ming (retired) Hockey players Crosby, malkon, clitcho brothers in boxing International elites of three fabulously wealthy people have been formed I dont know much about the financial side of cricket Cricket next to soccer is the most globalized sport, baseball comes behind cricket Political institutions and United Nations They tend to ignore global political organizations undermines national sovereignty and so have organizations like the EU (European Union) United Nations Growth of political institutions History of how the UN was formed All you have to know is that if he mentioned UNICEF is the United Nations Childrens Fund When you are giving to charity ask what proportion of every dollar goes to the people that actually need it UNICEF has one of the worst records of all charitable organizaitons when it comes to that The CEO of UNICEF receives 1.2 million a year which is 100 000 dollars a month plus all expenses plus a rolls Royce If you want to give to charity For the oakridge community centre who have breakfast for needy children Before they go to school go to oak
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