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SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

Mainstream mass media and Stereotypes Ideology: dominant modes of thinking Media is fun but worthy of investigation  Simon Pegg, actor Mass Media What is mass media?  Any form of video/radio communication expressed to large populations (expressing oneself)  Its visual auditory engages all the senses  System and structure in society it influences other structures in society  Its concentrated with consistent messages projected throughout media typically owned by the same companies  information, knowledge coming from various platforms which is reinforcing  an illusion of entertainment (public/private) . Media has a role of information and entertainment  communication of messages transformation sharing of knowledge idea information  Media on top itself is constantly changing as new media is constantly being invented incorporated into our daily lives  reliant upon technologies: produce it advertise it technology is needed to expose to the masses of people  it is accessible to the mass people and if it’s something smaller than that it is not considered “mainstream” or part of “mass media”  if it’s economically successful it is part of mass media Needs and Functions of Mass Media  cognitive: acquiring knowledge  tension release: entertain and engage with media to relax ourselves  affective: when engaging with mass media we expect it to be pleasurable because we are paying for the service  personal integrative: internal, use mass media to support our own beliefs, strengthens our inner sense of credibility and supports the idea that we have  social integrative: bonding with other people, used to create conversations with people (ie) did you see that show last night?, giving us a sense of being part of a society Social Inequality: structural inequality exists, it’s not fixed or stemmed though, ie) your skill set will make you more privileged in one context than the other based on who you are meeting with  Different groups are framed differently  mass media reinforces ideological beliefs, unquestioned beliefs  media industry has a hierarchy as well (ie) top of media hierarchy has more control than those who are low Social Power  White heterosexual men, economically Who has social power? advantaged  Politicians, bureaucratic institutions  Celebrities (hierarchy’s within them)  Job security  Legal system (judges, police)  Educational power Fight the Power (movie clip) Who has power? Who is being critiqued?  White America  Hip Hop was part of the resistance amongst the blacks as a dominant mode of expression  They were fighting against racism in the United States  Poverty, economic disadvantage, segregation  Highlighting historic figures, they have a culture that also matters that is their own, and that white celebrity figures did not apply to them  Raising awareness and bringing groups together  anti-policing, racialized profiling is an issue to them and those with power abusing their power  highlighting U.S.A cities to show which cities have the greatest black  The protesters have power as well; they themselves were not economically disadvantaged and were using music to promote their album. They were given a lot of money to perform and promote this movement which is not true to their heart. Even though they are singing about power and inequality what are they actually doing to fight this cause?  Critiquing poverty but are trendsetters themselves  power can be used to change society, people with power and those who are oppressed work together to change society (the played artists during the video clip might be strategically used to project an idea of the power that the blacks have to be able to pay and hire trendsetters to make their message heard)
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