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Ryerson University
SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

SEQUENCEANALYSIS ESSAY #1 & Lecture Notes Class #3 American Psycho (2000) How is the professional class being depicted?  they have a secretary that takes care of their businesses and do not have to do a lot by himself  power over class and women  authority  intellect based on education post degree  professional clothing  focused on health and appearance, consumerism promotion and having leisure time to have to work out  living as a professional in a high end neighborhood plus have high class furniture (all white and silver rooms) How are adults being depicted? Professional class families are the good adults that take good responsible roles in terms of taking care of their children Age: defined age from the time we were born to continuously age and progress through life and different markers throughout our life, become signifiers of our age. Adults age from young adults to old adults (teenagers to adults and adults to elders). Ageism: prejudice and discrimination towards teenagers. Under capitalism, we think adults work we give them praise. When it comes to consumerism, teenagers are the ideal group but when it comes to work we’re depicted negatively Ideology of youth: we value work and consumerism Invisibilizing: a group is not part of a media product Tokenism: a character in the background that are not contributing too much to the product Moral panic: narratives where hysteria is created around social group. They are considered to be a threat to society and police and security are implemented to control the threat group. (ie) teenagers Age groups: Older seniors are inviisiblized by society and tokened from marketing of a product South Park: How are children depicted? What are some markers?  immature children who want to watch age inappropriate content on t.v / lack intelligence and do not have understanding about social issues and do not follow age appropriate rules  peer pressure and only has friends who are children  Interests of children are very different from adults (ie) watching pointless entertainment  not respecting adults  white children is tokened  regulated by adults; do
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