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SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

SOC 525 #5 Class Notes -> W.B: The first black man to graduate from Harvard with PhD. Aware of mediated world and racism in the world. Capitalism gives power to the elites and whiteness is what gives us power prestige. They are social constructs not natural. Peggy McIntosh: We don’t address structural inequality amongst race. People use the word “race” to distinguish differences amongst people and making connections to assume physical and biological differences. The differences in race have embedded innate attributions in other people like intelligence Racialization is something socially construed and given meaning -> Assumed to share a homeland, ancestry, and community and religion in a specific race Manifesting Canadian history through law, policing, education and media Frances Henry: Canada itself has had a racist history (Aboriginals, Japanese). He defines what whiteness means: it is a social construct and is a description of a specific group and whiteness is linked to domination and privilege and white people do not have to think about race and inequality because we are not conscious racialized privilege amongst society. Meritocracy often times linked to ideological belief systems and normalizing white experiences, attributions, interests, etc. When racilaized groups succeed only found as a favor not hard work (ie) black people becoming successful through becoming a hip hop artist Ideology of whiteness -> Informs the way we think about racialized hierarchies and who is in power and favored in society and we are shaped in ideological beliefs -> Racialized and racist groups are showed to be in conflict and because we see inequality in one place doesn’t mean we understand inequality about all groups White Savior narrative White Savior ->How are white groups being framed and depicted? ->Save “these people”: us versus them and assumed white audience that is us and racialized group that is them -> white people are able to save the racialized groups -> more access to resources, reinforcements, technology -> are seen as “boss” -> saving those who are vulnerable in society (typically children and women) -> Understand racism, come in and stop oppression from happening as well as if they are given negative attributes (ruining culture) it doesn’t take away from their social power (other whites come in or same whites come in and fix it) -> white person becomes a part of the racialized group and then truly understands the culture and become the leader, become “one of them”  typically white narrator makes these historical racialized movies and narratives -> whites are being shown as cultured polite and in control but racialized groups cannot resolve conflict within their own group and are seen as uncultured, wild, and sometimes violent Racialized Groups:  need saving and are incapable of saving themselves -> racialzied groups portrayed as wild, exotic, primitive  sexualized women  other racialized groups are seen as sexually immature Big Bang Theory -> largely white cast except for jewish and eat indian actors with thick accents
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