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Ryerson University
SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

SOC525 Week 7: Hierarchies of Masculinity Sex/gender role system: social construct of prescribed attributes that are allocated to different sexes; socialization into our identities of masculinity and femininity Patriarchy: structure in world where men culture become preferential; male domination and as a group are given very specific attributes that they are expected to conform to Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences: responsible for giving Oscars out to different types of mediums and evaluated by voting members of academy and made up on previous members and who work in mainstream industries - Who belongs to this: majority white, male and are the age of over 62 - responsible for determining nominations and who receives an Oscar Theorizing Masculinity: - taking critical approach to understanding gender roles as they apply to masculinity; men who are at the top of masculinity hierarchies are more benefiting than men at the bottom (ie) disabled men are invisibilized Fergus Murray: talks about framing of masculinity - women and men are seen as opposites in gender social roles - it is not a biological category, it is socially constructed. While we stereotype them through attributes, it is socially constructed - he believes that there is a single representation of men; it becomes singular - he says that men are confronted with images of masculinity and body which they are pressured to conform Raewyn Connell: - gender roles as being constant, limited, and fixed - born a boy and turned into girl and did studies to study masculinity hierarchy of men - one common ideal maintained in society and culturally defined and does not relate to experiences of most men - exists dilemma amongst men where they are forced to conform, men experience pressure in the media world and pressured to attain ideal body type who are groomed - diet is alienated to women only (ie) coke 0 allocated to men and diet coke to women - men are pressured to maintain an ideal body shape and are focused only on sex rather than how women are pressured into relationships and romantic lives Homosociality (bromance): - framing of men as friends, male bonds with each other is about shared interests (share a love of pop culture and sports and not have a relationship with each other) - male friendship excludes women, men are only able to be friends with men not women (women are shown to not understand why men love sports and following a sports team). Women are shown to interfere with men’s relationships and that is the way in which they lose their bromances - reinforcing dominance of violent white masculinity Green Street Hooligans - little bit on the feminine side (main character is small and does not know how to fight and other guys of the group give him gay slurs). Only accepted when engaging in violence - male insider bonds through manly hugs at a bar/pub and beer and alcohol is a symbol of masculinity. They are understood to be families not a friendship group - moving around as a pack of wolves, a collective having a fight on the street - united as a group, standing your ground and women are shown only to be pulled away to not separate the group David and Brannon on Masculinity (1976) - No sissy stuff: anytime man takes on feminine attributes or men are attributed feminine attributes when in a fight and being called a sissy is a put down. Be a Big Wheel: men telling men how to act with each other, having status, being known and economic status and knowledgeable about the world - Sturdy Oak: calm, cool, collected, men as non-emotional, authoritative d
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