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Class 11 Active Audiences & Fandoms

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Ryerson University
SOC 525
Jennifer Brayton

SOC525 Class 11 Active audiences and fan practices - when we are fans of something, we get an active spectatorship when we want the narration to change or edit it and how the story plays out to change instead of passive audiences Mass Viewers: consume that particular text suggesting that as viewers, we have a certain passivity and this is constructed within the formation of that particular text. We watch something and just accept it; not seeing it from a critical perspective. Complex consumers: read into something, alter understanding of it and you have certain production of that text ie) romance: way in which they treat each other, understand their friendship from a different perspective (level of tension between the two characters) Culture Industry: motive is to provide cultural material that can be mass consumed; easily understood dumbed down cultural materials that can appeal to all of us (ie) t.v, radio, magazines, etc. As a result, - mass appeal - certain predictability: when you know what the tv show is going to do and how it is going to end. As a cultural text, an industry has produced this - social authority: message coming off and you agree with it - ie) romantic comedy is mass produced and can appeal to all of us, as a fan I’m defined by my consumption of the comedy and by
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