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SOC 603 – September 9, 2013 Storying and Interpreting Gender Overview:  Two Gender Stories in our Society  Stories and Interpretation  Pedagogy and Interpretation Predominant Gender Story (PGS) 1. Bodies come in 2 kinds, Male or Female 2. As these bodies enter the social world, they become gendered: Masculine or Feminine 3. As boys/girls develop into men/women, they become sexually attracted to the opposite sex 4. As a result, new bodies come into the world and the process continues Why Stories, Why Storying  Stories as Social Indexes – Indexes predominant ideas of the current culture  Stories work intelligently and affectively  Stores have an address, an ideal reader  Stories evoke practices of identification (Identifying with character/lesson)  Stories aren’t isolated, we read intertextually. (Stories have other supporting stories.) o Our current knowledge is used within our readings  We encounter discourses through storylines Conventional Pedagogy Pedagogy – Philosophies around teaching and learning Conventional Pedagogy – Conventional way of teaching and learning  A “transmission style” of education. (Passing fro
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