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Lecture 5

Soc 603 week 5

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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Soc 603 Readings needed Asian American women gender and society 33-5 Online reding also How do we come to internalize dominant ideas about masculinity and femininity? 1. Childhood learning in families Primary socialization Family is the most important site to develop ideas about gender, we get Primary socialization as in most privial, have most influence on us Dusky in childhood before adolescence Secondary socialization Workplace school Historically shifting ideas about gendered subjectivity and childrearing In 1940s, child rearing expert dr. Benjamin Spock wrote: In blackboard Changing context: contemporary Canadian society 1. Fast competitive achievement orientated high tech lives High emphasis on credentials 2. Consumer culture Ads everywhere stores everywheren 3. Masculinity in crisis The idea that they are stunted emotionally restricted, ability to express emotions freely cry etc 4. Postfeminist era ? Socialization in families Socialization ah be direct and intentional or indirect and unintentional Parents often socialize indirectly by modelling behaviours Best predictor of adult behaviour in families Even before birth and infancy Folk wisdom A heart rate of less than 140 beats means you're having a boy If your carrying high .. Naming Masculine names Nathan Ryan Jacob Matt Feminine Alexandra Jennifer Neutral nor, Madison Dakota Taylor Jord
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