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Ryerson University
SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Soc When in Rome heterosexism and sport talk YOU WILL NOT NEED TO READ THis Outcome for many women: Disordered eating Disordered eating occurs along a continuum from occasional overeating, or restrictive eating to severe disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive eating and/or exercising Not about 'will': take on life of thier own Anorexia nervosa: refusal to maintain minimally normal weight; intense fear of gaining weight; distorted perceptions Bulimia nervosa: . Ccccc "Disordered eating and obsession with food is a widely accepted way to deal with weight and body image issued. It is largely considered to be normative behaviours for women, and remains larger unproblematized.." It is a gendered problem Not exclusive to women but 90-95 precent of those diagnosed with eating disorders are women Females account for 94% of all hospital admissions from eating disorders Nearly half of all adolescent girls in Canada are trying to lose weight 3 percent of adolescent p girls develop bulimia of anorexia Age Adolescents (10-19) have highest rates if hospitalization for eating disorders (also bc 37 precent of girls in gr 9 and 40 precent in gr 10 view themselves fat Also cultural different cultures have different perceptions of beauty thin is good fat is good 28 precent of gr 9 girls and 29 precent of gr 10 try to lose weight 34 to 65 girls aged 5 had thoughts of dieting Medical risks Osteoporosis,low blood pressure , gastrointestinal problems Shrinkage of brain IQ Kidney failure; congestive heart failure (potassium) Anorexia: one of few psychiatric disorders with a significant mortality rate Highest mortality rate if any psychiatric illness 5-10 z% of anorexics due within 10 years Anorexia begins in, emerged out of conventional feminine practice" (bordo, p.310) How so?? Thinking about etiology of disordered eating What factors should we consider? Culture of dieting Dieting may led to eating disorders. How? Food labels low fat, calories , gyms. Dieting schemes books Abramovitz and Birch (2008) study Girls aged 5 Role of mothers and dieting 90 precent mothers reported recent dieting 2x more likely to think about dieting Point : dieting is normative for girls and women Set point theory of weight ( Dinna ciliska, R.N., PHD) Role of genetics and metabolism We all haves set point rate: a stable, reference point Weight our body will always maintain Food restriction results in slower metabolism But no way of direct,h measuring set point So essentially dieting is fighting a no win battle Consider weight like height: look at your parents Body image 4 components of body image Body image satisfaction ones satisfaction with body image appearaence Body image investment: importance of body image appearance, in defining self a d determining de,f worth Body image behaviours: appearance related behaviours (ex.concesling, avoiding sight of body, looking in mirror, grooming ) FCC Body image and self esteem There is a significant link between body image and self Esteem How so? Low self esteem in one domain leads to emphasis in other qualities Many negative influences may result in greater investment in appearance Relationship is reinforced by popular culture and limited opportunities November 6 Socio cultural influences Westernization and modernization Fiji study (Becker et al., 2002) Agricultural to industrial economy: TV in 1995 In Fijiji Rounder body shape in female; no culture of dieting No reports of self induced vomiting 3 yrs of exposure to us and uk tv 69 % of subjects reported to dieting to lose weight 74% repor
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