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SOC 603
Pamela Sugiman

Lecture outline-sexuality and intimacy Human sexuality: a social construct Compulsory heterosexuality Persisting and changing images of male and female sexuality Sexuality and gender Research on contemporary sexual behaviour Readings "Losing it:similarities and differences in first intercourse experiences of men and women" And Sexuality and physical intimacy Human sexuality too is a social construct Both biological and social components How is human sexuality socially learned ? Expressions of sexuality are narrowly defined: heterosexual bias Compulsory heterosexuality (Adrienne rich): Ways in which our society promoted heterosexual relationships as natural and inevitable In what ways do new reveal a heterosexual bias? Cultural opposition to same sex relationships Sexual v romantic same sex relationships (Savins Williams) Sustained same sex relationships are deviant Romantic long germ sex relationships are more intimating because it isn't a phase or experimenting anymore Fear and ostracism in young gays and lesbians Heterosexual sex as proof of normalcy Gay and lesbians report having past heterosexual relationships Homosexuality as abnormal, immoral and criminal Bill C 159 amendment to the criminal law of Canada, decriminalized homosexuality and (legalized abortion and contraception) Trudeau 1968-9 Age of consent for anal sex (18) higher than for vaginal sex (16) Close in age legislation 14-15 years: may have sex with partner less than 5 years older 12-13 years: may have sex with party who is less than 2 years older Film about boys to men Boys should suck it up have it harder Teachers discriminate against boys because sterotype that guys screw up more Teachers pets are girls, girls get more attention form teachers Afriad of being called gay Bad experience where a gay guy tried to grab his junk Intimidated by gays Relgion tells you to not be gay But they are normal and its thier choice says some students Feelings.. Repress feelings Don't cry, its what separates males from females If your upset or sad people are going to think you're a wuss People care what others think of them Mor comfortable talking about sexual experiences with fathers versus mothers Relationship problems for mom ----- Heterosexist bias Sexologist and 'normal' sexual behaviour What constitutes Normal sexual behaviour Primary of "intercourse" and
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