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SOC 605
Kelly Train

Family violence June-01-12 5:26 PM 1) Definitions, statistics + language □ In our society, the statistics are based entirely on the physical violence only . The reason for this is that in our society, the way the violence is defined through physical manifestation of violence. Because it is the only thing that police and society can only accept this type of violence as legal evidence, or collectable data. □ As a result, police are always looking for collectable data and statistic only reflect physical violence. Others are ineffable.Because statistically and legally you cannot collect data.  Emotional  Psychological  Financial  Verbal  Neglect-- it also tends to have physical manifestationin case of elderly and children.  Sexual violence ( sometimes collective )-not collective especially in a marriage form. Marriage is seen as contract--singingover unlimited contest to your partner regardless whatever you want to have sex or not. In most of cases, there are no charges. Because it is very difficult to collect psychical evidences or signs. Physical signs of cuts, bruises do not occur, and in most cases women do not resist because they know that there is the only way to survive.  Definitionsare very important because who constitutes violence, how the statistic are collected and how they make law around it defined  Issues of language - what do we call abuse? □ What Walter DeKeseredy he is saying violence only happens in marital relationship not issues in cohabitation,intimated relationships . However, he does a critique on gender natural language Women abuse tends to be called spousal abuse--because how the sex is collected . Incorrective data collection is generalizingthe data, and it shows like women too are participatingin violence with objects. In reality, women response to violence with objects, because men tend to appear physically bigger than women-- this is a social construction of attraction. Thus, most of time women got more charged with more fines than when the violence occurs June-04-12 11:24 PM 2) Theories on women abuse ◊ Male peer support theory Walter DeKeseredy's theory and radical feminism are dimentical opposite of each other There is 4 componentsto this theory. Walter DeKeseredy believes, in order to male violence against women occur , 4 conditionshave to be existed ◊ Traditional Patriarchy-- It does not really mean patriarchy in the feminist way. traditional male headed household,traditional roles in the family etc. have to be existed. ◊ All boys club- golf with the boys, hockey teams, etc. In order to escape from your kids and your wife. Drinking is the main purpose to get together ◊ Alcohol--escapingfrom your reality, and alcohol is making easy to put the hate out among group members. ◊ No deference--this means nobody in these all male groups resist to spread the hate on spouse. ○ In fact, the solution emerge as anger management programs.-- it is ineffective
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