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SOC 605
Kelly Train

Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Minority Families May-28-12 11:08 PM 1) What is Race? Ethnicity? Racialization ? Ethnozation? If you don’t know what's your race or ethnicity, it means that you are part of dominant ethnic and racial group. Everybody else will know that they are something rather than that because of dominant identity in Canada. In other words not the majoritybut white, Anglo-Saxon, English men When we talked about race we talked about some characteristics • Skin color -historically was not the important one • Hair texture and color • Physiologicalcharacteristics In fact, most of these characteristics real or imagined. Historically, Jew and Irish people were imagined as having black and dark skin color. This was a sign that they were inherently sick nation . Believing was seeing. Ideology was incredibly powerful . In fact they depicted as having these characteristics in comicsand movies Ethnicity-we are referring to • Cultural Characteristics- they were also real and imagined. • Religion • Nationality • Language • Food • Custom • Art and literature When Robert mills coined phrase racialization. He argued these racial signifiers symbolize either superiority or inferiority Which have direct consequenceson your material conditions and your everydaylife. Robert mills specifically focused on physiological characteristics and why we were picking these characteristics . In fact, the reason was these racial signifiers stood up in European as being different than those European. With eurocentrism, they were able give social meanings to these characteristics. Mid 1990s, the term "ethnozation was coined . This term was arguing that it was not just your physiological characteristics, but it was also cultural signifiers come to be imbued superiority and inferiority . And this has direct consequence on your real material daily life . Since 90s, these terms are being used interchangeably . In fact, now they end up symbolizing ''race''. Under enlightenment and even in the postmodernera, it was deemed to necessary to classify and categorize people in order to figure out how to treat, talk other people . Identity was seen singular and essential. However,people in fact they don’t live their life like that. Our societyyou can not be Hindu and white. Muslim are being most of the time associated with Skin colour. 2) Concept of racism - We generally talk about systemicand institutionalized racism. Racism- as it tends be defined Prejudiced--> individual, less determinant Discrimination--> policies, practices that are inbreeded in our society ( e.g. dress codes, human resources practices) Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Minority Families 3) Canadian Immigration Policy a. 1700s-1961- with industrial revolution, Canada needed a lot of people. Immigration meant two contradictory concept. 0n the one hand it was about nation building and at the same time needing a lot cheap labors. Starting with mercantile capitalism and developing into industrialization, Canada needed to have the way to ship goods to abroad. Irish and Scottish Canadian did not want to build the rail roads because building the rail roads was extremely dangerous and paying very low. The minister of immigration went abroad to China to recruit cheap labour. Once it was build, Canada created the head tax targeting specifically Chinese men. Chinese men in fact did everything to pay the head tax. They did not want to nation that included Chinese people. They increased the head tax from $50 to $500. However, it did not stop the immigration flow from China. Thus, they passed another act called The Chinese exclusion act. (1923- 1947) b. By 1908 small numbers of Indian farm workers were working in Canada. In 1908, they wanted to stop the immigration from India. They pass the continues journey act that meant to stop all immigration from India. They did not bluntly want to discriminate Indians because India's ties with Britain. The act specified that the ship cannot stop until it reached to Canada. This way it did not seem they were wrongdoing but the intention was racist c. The gentlemen agreement-> Up until 1908 part of gold rush japan immigration started to increase. Japan was major trade partner with Britain. Like with the continues journey act, This agreement too again mimicked the continues journey act. They
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