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Lecture 9

SOC 606 Lecture 9: Soc 606 Week 9: Unpaid Work Gender and the Family

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SOC 606
Kelly Train

Week 9- March 16th. 17 Unpaid Work, Gender and the Family Housework and Private and public sphere with industrial revolution. Begins in 1790 Women’s breadwinner is only associated with men. Nancy Fraser looks at this Responsibility and with how men became primary breadwinners aka financial responsibility. Women became known in the private sphere. Even if you support yourself, there’s still an expectation you won’t be committed to work and the same thing with your family. This begins with gender division of labour and the private and public sphere. Housework and childcare, elder care became women’s responsibility. Caroline Gatrell looks at the known as the Angel in the Household. Women were enforced of an exclusive allocation in the housework. The concept of Angel begins to emerge. Not only were women were allocated into the home. When you don’t get paid to do something, it’s not considered work. Work is invisible. Symbol of the angel that beings to emerge is one in which it’s just done by no one. Popular culture references in the 50’s-70’s all focused on this notion. Example of Bewitched and I dream of Genie because work is done miraculously. This was intended to demonstrate housework is done and it just happens. When nobody sees that housework isn’t done that’s when it’s a problem. Women are valued in our society of the completion of housework and even when women work fulltime, have children and families. Yet when relatives come, women will fix the place in order to have a presentable home. It’s expected of women to perform these tasks. Studies within the last 20- 30 years men do participate in housework Heterosexuality and to an extent compared to the early times. Survey with a job Housework description to describe what you are doing and men housework task one at a time while women who fill them out did all tasks at the same time and they did 9 hours and more than men. Straight women don’t get a choice because all the housework is associated with femininity excluding cutting grass, fixing things and shovelling snow and men got to choose what they will and won’t do. They mostly picked childcare because it’s the most rewarding. This only relieved women of one task out of the other’s they do. While if a man’s task is done, he’s free to do whatever he wants. Gay and Lesbian relationship are different because they are the same gender in that relationship. Both parties make decision on what they like, not like and hate to do. Every studies show that when heterosexual couples get married, it goes into traditional work for each gender. Men Motherhood and Men want to have an emotional bond with their children now Housework compared to the 50’s-60’s. Class and Housework In the case of working class families, and lower income class families housework is associated with women with a double day. Housework and childcare is your next shift. Familie
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