SOC 608 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Third-Wave Feminism, Michel Foucault, Heterosexuality

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3 Feb 2016
SOC 608
September 21, 2015
Third wave feminism: 1990-2008 (use Hailey’s notes for this
week, yours suck)
Begins with critique of second and rst wave feminism
Feminist post enlightenment/modernity
Modern era
Questioning of god
The way that people understood their world was through religion
Catholic church preached that you were excommunicated if you
questioned god/put to death
Could not question anything about society
Marriage was arranged
All modernist theories claimed that their theory was the truth
Liberal ideology is written from the elite
Liberal ideology did not want to be changed
Marxist also claimed that his theory was the truth
Marx wrote from working class perspective
Second wave feminist theory also claimed they held the truth
Second wave feminist didn’t want society to change…they just wanted
more access to jobs
Radical feminists argued that all women share the same experience
and that experience is violence against women
This is what shaped all women’s reality
Although some women had more access to resources
We must look at women’s lives from the perspective of all theories
Modernist theory = one truth, one perspective
Michel Foucault is still a Marxist however he believed some truths
were truer than others
Each one of their truths were correct
There were multiple subjects
Post refers to after structuralism and modernism
Structuralism refers to structures
People saw power as something tangible
Foucault argued that this was not the reality
Argued that what constitutes knowledge, subjectivity and power,
needed to be challenged
Sociologists know that what constitutes knowledge is all a social
Why don’t we look at other perspectives?
The idea of who should speak on a specic subject
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