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Lecture 1

SOC 656 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Burkini, Symbolic Interactionism, Islamophobia

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SOC 656
Janna Eggebeen

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Lecture 1 Outline: Introduction
Ban on burkinis – islamophobia – france is secular
What is sociology?
- study of society
- share common values
- same location – geography
- social group which is defined as a crowd
- cohesive in behavior and appearance
- (picture of people at the nasa shuttle launch)
- agency – the ability and freedom of an individual to act – how much you can be an individual in
- structure is society and its rules for society – official rules
- sociology is an academic discipline – mix of science and humanities
- science – pure science, applied science, social science
- humanities – visual arts, performing arts, religion
- mix of both – law injustice, history
- sociology is a soft science
- it can be emergent in its procedures and criteria rather than fixed and measurable
- humans aren’t generally factual beings – don’t always behave in ways that are measurable and
- its inductive rather than deductive
- idiographic rather than nomothetic
- interpretive rather than causal
Fashion and Sociology
- do clothes make us human?
- Interesting thing that makes us human
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