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Lecture 3

SOC 656 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Group Dynamics, Leon Festinger, Groupthink

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SOC 656
Janna Eggebeen

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-Japan: physical comfort, more normal for females, females did not look at males private (they
are private) even though he is in public, you're your own private company, corporate body,
must be private to self, proper interpretation
-Russia: not erotic photos, does not mean for typical beautiful bodies
-HIV positive woman: she knew changes to her own body because of disease, she was afraid
because people could see she was disease from new body, accept diseased body, political
act, didn't want to parade disease but make it visible, silence = death
-Poet in Cape Town: lived under label of colour, in South Africa he was offspring of one black
and one white parent, constraints with living under that label, negative impact of society, also
elderly, felt being naked was something old person shouldn't do
-Photographer: in U.S., Body is either erotical or art, can't be both, body as a commodity,
-Body is main physical self,
-all participate in groups, group membership through dress
-Individuals protect themselves from true reasons on dress
-Social group : two or more people, share sense of unity
-Said to have 5 characteristics
-Aware they are part of group
-Recognized by society, have structure
- Have roles to play within group
-Members invest in group, try to maintain group
-People receive benefits from belonging to groups
-Often groups have particular purpose or role
-group dynamics
-Behaving in particular ways
-Have to have leaders and members that will do other organizational rules
-Studies show even in small groups, of like 3, they took on defined roles, even in informal
groups, decision maker, mediator, joker (ie. Small TA groups),
-group conformity
-Some tend to stick together,
-Normative : go with flow
-Informational : don't have sense of what is acceptable, find social group, looking for
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