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SOC 885
Maliha Chishti

A snapshot of the genderbased socioreligious history of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Middle East prior to the advent of Islam highlights the importance of the changes that took place during that time period It also helps understand the importance of the religion in relation to such changes and the reasons behind the teachings of the religion itself Male dominance was a major aspect of that time period where women were in essence owned by a manfrom birth her father through marriage her husband and until her death attending to the care of her husband and children In relation the law supported control over females by allowing men to pull out the hair of his wife mutilate or twist her ears with no liability attaching to him Ahmed 13 Additionally if the husband decided upon divorce the Assyrian law allowed him to decide whether the wife received anything following the divorce Ahmed 13 As male dominance forced the creation of a classbased society the veiling rules further encouraged segregation by differentiating between women who could respectability or could not wear the veil prostitutesIn todays society such issues still exist but modernization continues to introduce more and more rights for women as we move towards a more equalized society As an example to highlight increasing equality for women especially in the Middle East in recent news possib
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