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Lecture 2

Week 2 - Social Historical Construction of Women in Islam

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

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Week 2 Social Historical Construction of Women in Islam Muslim WomenA Global Issue modern debates are usually linked to global historical relationships whenever it is a question of Muslim women whether hijab or violencein Montreal right now case of a father who killed his own daughter because he said they would bring shame on to his family why are Muslim womens problems not understood simply as womens problems why of culture or IslamDichotomy of Islam vs West during colonization a dichotomy was created if something was happening in the west Islam had to be opposite even if you see two people completely opposite of each other than you you cant see the problemsColonialism policy in which a country rules other nations and develops trade for its own benefit Canada was a colony of Britain took over land and developed a fur trade for the benefit of the colonizing country there are ideas to change a particular way of thinking on another group of people and think we are going to change you for own good thColonialism is very important part of the world history Muslim empire was around the 16 century and th17 century Europe was going through medieval time Europes modernity started only when the Muslim were on the decline European became the domi
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