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Lecture 3

Week 3 - Discourses of the Veil

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

Week 3 Discourses of the VeilWhat is the latest position in relation to the Niqab in CanadaWomen when they go out to get their citizenships they cannot be covered anymoreJason Kenny immigration minister announced that women who want to take the citizenship cannot wear the Niqab during the oath taking Veil a length of cloth worn by women as a covering for the head and shoulders and often for the face Hijab arabiccurtain Purdah Urdu curtain means seclusion of women head scarf covering of entire body including head but leaving faceNiqabburqa face veil exposing only eyes Abayas long overcoatsOrigin and History predates Islam practiced by women in many contexts including nonArab Middle Eastern societies Historically it was a sign of high social status eg 13BC Assyrian textDifferent Muslim Positions there are two different verses in the QuranTwo verses 3031 Sura al Nur verses 3031Recommend that women should cover their bosoms and their jewelleryBoth men and women are asked to be modest in many waysSurah alAzhab verse 59recommends to the wives of the Prophe
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