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Lecture 4

Week 4 - Local/Global Politics of the Veil

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

Week 4 LocalGlobal Politics of the Veil Niqab Ban Reasonable accommodationSome of the things theyve demonstrated is that one reason in Quebec few years ago they looked at it not as an issue of women freedom Violates other peoples human rightsPeople in secular socities Danger to public safety Relationship with religious extremism Muslim womens oppressionIdea they Muslim women should be free and there are character rights if they dont want too Muslim womens Charter RightsHijabNiqab bans in recent history Laffair du foulard France 1989 Zine p 2413 school girls banned because they came to school wearing the Hijab Emilie OuimetQuebec 1994 Zine p241 Uzbekistan 2004 Turkey 1997 universities France March 2004 parliament passed a ban on religious symbols such as hijab yarmulke and crucifixes in state schools England March 2006 ban on a student who wanted to wear a full length dress Quebec 2010 Niqab ban for Citizenship Oath 2011Bill C 94 An act to establish guidelines governing accommodation requests within the Administrationand certain institutionsGoing through various p
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