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Tutorial 8

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thFriday March 30 2012 Tutorial 8 1 Islamist Page 15 Islamist as simply a convenient manner of referring to those individuals and groups who operate within the politics of modern nation states to challenge secular constitutional assumptions and demand the insertion of what they consider Islamic principles into the spheres of life described as public Modern Islamist discourse seeks to insist on the validity of expressions of Islamic cultural difference for example hijab and gender segregation in the modern or public arena in both Muslim and nonMuslim societies Hatem 1998 Referred by scholars not the average people Most Muslims do not consider themselves as Islamists but just Muslim2 Islamic feminism The term Islamic feminism became popular after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 due to its use by Iranian feminists scholars such as Haleh Afshar and Afsaneh Najmabadi Najmabadi 1998 also considers Islamic feminism as a discourse in its own right rather than reaction to Western feminism or state repression Islamic feminism explicitly focus on womens attempts to engage in the formal public space of local national and transnational politics by invoking a religious or Muslim or Islamic identity in the face of multiplylocated projects to discredit religion as an impediment to national progress or liberation The basic argument of Islamic feminism is that the Quran affirms the principle of equality of all human beings but that the practice of equality of women and men and other categories of people has been impeded or subverted by patriarchal ideas ideology and practices Islamic jurisprudence was itself heavily saturated with the patriarchal thinking and behaviours of the day Thus a priority of Islamic feminism is to go straight to Islams fundam
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