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HIST 1253
Charles Baxter

The Anti-Confederation Movement in Nova Scotia January 16 th Uncertainty and Discontent in the Maritimes o In 1867 PEI and Newfoundland remained outside of confederation o Deep currents of anti-confederation feeling in NB and especially in NS o Fears of political and economic domination by Ontario and Quebec (especially regarding trade and tariffs) The 1867 Federal Election o Federal Conservatives under John A. Macdonald won a majority in Parliament - Won a clear majority of seats - Conservative held over 108/180 seats o But opposition candidates won almost half of the popular vote - Almost 40% of the voting population o Macdonald went into power knowing that he had to face several sceptics o 7 of NB’s 15 seats in Parliament went to opposition candidates o Nova Scotians elected only one Conservative and pro-Confederate Member of Parliament (Charles Tupper) o Another landslide victory for anti-confederate candidates in NS’s provincial election (also in 1867) - With this, we see that NS has clearly stated that they are NOT in favour of confederation Joseph Howe and the Anti-Confederation Movement o Joseph Howe (born 1804, died 1873) - Leader of the NS’s anti-confederation movement - Favoured close ties with Britain - Angered by Tupper’s refusal to hold a vote on the issue of Confederation o In England during 1866-1867, Howe’s lobbying efforts against Confederation did not succeed o His main opponent was Charles Tupper and the Conservatives - What angered Howe was that Tupper never put the idea of Confederation to a
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