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HIST 1253
Charles Baxter

Women and Society February 27 th Women and Public Life o Influences on women’s increasing ability to participate in society and politics: - Impact on industrialism and consumerism  Gives women more time, as they no longer have to make clothing, make food, etc. - Changes in family dynamics  Family sizes – birth rates were quite high, on average 7-8 children in 1925 whereas in the late 1900s it was only 3-4 kids • Fewer kids for the women to look after - Increasing education  Working class children could afford to put children in schools • Such as NB with their Schools Act: Mandatory schooling for certain ages th  As the 20 century dawns, more and more children are going to school • This gives women less to look after and therefore more time on their hands o But Canadian society still largely patriarchal during the late 19 and early 20 centuries - Men were still in charge – “man of the house”, mostly involved ithpolitics, etc. - Clearly still a trend to the subordination of Women in early 20 century Canada - Women are still not welcome in the political system - If women left the house, they were only to do so for charity work through their church - This was fine for the working class people, but what about the labouring poor who couldn’t afford to have women sitting in the house? - For the most part women find themselves earning much lower wages than men – even if they have the exact same jobs  Tended to be about 55-60% of what men would earn o The impact of women’s organizations (some examples): - In churches (women’s auxiliary organizations)  As nuns, volunteering, etc. - Women’s Missionary Aid Societ
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