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MGMT 3480
Steve Foran

Reflection Article (using article 2 and 3) Every semester in university we have faculty evaluation. That day before mark the evaluation sheet, the faculty gives us a speech on the importance of evaluation and the process to make it simple to everyone. I never actually took the evaluation process seriously, because that used to be a busy day before final week. But after reading the article about Evaluation process and the purpose, I kind of blame myself. What we are learning and preparing ourselves for future should be evaluated. The faculties those are teaching us should be evaluated because if they are not well qualified then the coaching we are getting would not be enough to compete with the world in future. I think the main purpose of both the article is to show the importance and impact of evaluation process. Even though the first article talks about the evaluation process of Canadian nutrition and physical activity policies and the second article relates the evaluation process to make decisions in every aspect of life. The second article mostly talks about the characteristics and problems of evaluation procedure. It is just like the speech I always have before the faculty evaluation. But the second article is like the evaluation sheet fully focused on the evaluation of faculty of an institution. Also, the method first article follow for the evaluation process is quite simple and based normally on consequences of evaluation. But the method in second article is lot complicated and wide. The reason can be the guideline of WHO, who are monitoring and conducting the method of first article. As it is an international organization, the procedures they make should be simple enough to implement by any country in this planet. Moreover, all the examples used in article one to explain the method of evaluation process is more practical than the second one. Also, the second article shows the breakdown of total evaluation process for any kind of decision making. It is hard to believe that the childhood we had is totally different from now. Our childhood was totally stressed free as we did not have so much school pressure and complication around the world. Today, the world is surrounded by millions of channels which everyday telling us about so many problems and asking our decisions. As a child it is really difficult to handle school press
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