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MGMT 3480 Lecture Notes - Ethical Egoism, Distributive Justice

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MGMT 3480
Steve Foran

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Business Ethics MGMT-3480
Case Analysis
Instructor: Steve Foran
Submitted By: Neelgiri Chatterjee
Winter 2011
Date of Submission: February 2nd, 2012

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I am working for an executive recruitment firm that has recently been retained by a large
corporation to find appropriate candidates for the position of President of the corporation. If I can
find a suitable candidate for them my firm will receive one third of the President’s cash
compensation-salary and bonus, an amount in excess of $750,000. The CEO of the corporation is
controlling the search and he wants someone respectful towards him as the President. But then it
will be difficult for the firm to attract best pool of talents. I can’t do anything which offends the
BOD of the corporation and at the same time the recruitment firm bears no legal liability if a
hired candidate by them proves unsuccessful in his position.
Ethical Issue
The Corporation is looking for a highly qualified person as the position of the President but the
CEO who is controlling the search procedure wants someone who will be deferential towards
him even though the person is not qualified for President Position. I have responsibility to help
the Corporation in the process of hiring President.
The 4 key stakeholders in this situation are-
1. Me who is a specialized recruiter for the firm
2. CEO of the Corporation
3. The Recruitment firm
4. The Corporation
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