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Accounting MRK108
Rohan Singh

  a way that accomplishes MarMketrotDettstfcnmlont ent manager —desienvironmentities relating to Cost Competitive Advantage —a written document that acts as aific.ervice Differentiation is the process that turns a marketing involves gauging the extent to which provides the mechanisms for evaluating accomplished through marketing Cow, Question Mark, Dog) Building SustainablAlternativese Advantage marketiMarketing Plan marketing acIdentify thegehe marketing Marketing Planning A marketMarketing objectives shouEvaluate Strategic DireImppansinitateEosmlrrtitniudttaceilttngrrdshlsntalgis     for Competitive Advantage Price Place Control Statement Situation or Marketing Mix Evaluation Marketing Plan SWOT Analysis Implementation Business Mission MarketTarget Market Strategy Marketing Planning Marketing Objectives = . Chapter 3—Strategic Planning Threats   demographic External PoSliicllegchlnological ers the question, “WhatOpportunities   tifies market segments on + segments. business are we in?” Strategic Planning Weaknesses exchanges with a target market. and evolving market opportunities g . marketingInternal Analysisshort-term thiandmutually satisfying exchanges witproduct, place (distribution), promotion, and pricing fit between the organization’s obStrengthsand resourcesesclscribing one or more target marketThe marketing mix (four Ps) refers to a unique blend of The management process of creating and m• • • •ing a The marketing strategy involves activities of selecting andalysis is carried out ProDevcaokctnatsirctitorsircsetotntteasitggnew Product —
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