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Chemical Laboratory Technician
Chemical Laboratory Technician BIC472
c A R L O B A S T I N U T T O

BIC472 Students name: Daniel Katsafados Partner: Josh G Assignment 6 – ENZYMATIC PROPERTIES Total Marks: 14 You are required to plot your data to determine some of the properties of calf- intestinal phosphatase. Include tables of your raw data and calculated values, and show one sample of each calculation performed. The plots required and the information to be obtained are summarized below: PART A (4 marks) Tube Temp. Abs at nmoles of Velocity 410 nm pNP (nmol/min) 1 0ºC 0.25 88.30 5.90 2 22ºC 0.35 123.6 8.40 3 35ºC 0.52 183.7 12.2 4 50ºC 0.47 166.0 11.1 5 60ºC 0.23 81.30 5.42 6 37ºC 0.00 0 0 1. Calculate the reaction velocity (nmol/min.) in each tube. **Sample Calculation: Tube 1: A=2-log%T A=2-log 56.5 A=0.2480 A= 0.25 [P] = A/18400M X 1.0cm [P] = 0.25/18400M cm X 1.0cm [P] = 0.000013587mol 9 nmol P= 0.000013587mol X 10 nmol/mol X 0.0065L nmol p= 88.3 Velocity = nmol [P]/ time Velocity = 88.3nmol/15min Velocity = 5.9nmol/min 2. Plot reaction velocity versus incubation temperature. 3. In a sentence, state what is/are the optimal temperature(s) for alkaline phosphatase activity? • The optimal temperature for alkaline phosphatase would be 35ºC. This is due to the fact that at an incubation period of 35ºC for 15minutes produced the highest absorbance reading, which means more product was formed fr
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