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Computer Systems Technology IOS110

PHP Encryption With passing data through PHP, storing it in databases it is crucially important to protect this information and one of the ways is to encrypt the data. Encrypting is done to protect information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and even messages. Providing strong level of security makes it more safe for users to provide there information to web application or browser to set an account, make a purchase, view bank transaction or use a service that can be safely accessed from their home. PHP provides various ways to protect information by the use of cryptography, form handling and use of crypt() function. Cryptographic methods used are MD5, Blowfish, SHA1 and DES. There are many methods to encryption which can be grouped in one-way and two-way encryption methods. The crypt() function is a one-way method to encrypt as once you encrypt the plain text it is not possible to get this back. This is benefit of crypt() as if information was stolen it would be difficult and nearly impossible to decrypt back to plain text Passing Credentials through PHP Passing credentials through PHP is important when accessing web pages. The information passed woul
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