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Seneca College
Computer Networking and Technical Support
Electronics Engineering Technology - Control Systems ICA002

PHP with HTML The server side scripting language allows web developers to create dynamic web pages. PHP gives you the choice of embedding html form outside of PHP tags or can be contained within echo or print statements within PHP tags. Having PHP generated web pages allows the scripting language make decisions and execute task. If a web page does not load or displays errors message from the browser then the benefit of using PHP is that you can read these error messages. When a user request a .php page, PHP generates the HTML and the HTML will pass information from the user input back to PHP engine for processing. When users visits a web page and requests a PHP page which contains ".php", the server then would send it to the PHP engine to read the page from the top to bottom searching for php tags that hold codes to be ran while HTML tells the browser what to display. An advantage of using PHP is that it is cross-platform therefore this enables operation across various operating systems which may be required depending if the servers on your network have different operating system software installed and must work together.
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