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Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant
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Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant HRM701

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HRM 701 - Class 2 Stakeholder Analysis Media Employees Lawyers Managers Governments HR Manager Customers Senior Managers Consultants/Clients Union(s) Professional Associations Academic Communities Challenges 1. Globalization 2. Outsourcing 3. Employee Skills 4. Market 5. Constant Change 6. Talent Management/ Retention 7. Cost Containments 8. Demographics 9. Immigration 10. Politics 11. Rights 12. Privacy 13. Work and Family Balance 14. Medical (such as, Post-Recession Workplace Disorder) 15. Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR HR Manager's Role 1. Provide advice and counsel  In-house consultants 2. Services  Recruiting  Selecting  Testing
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