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HRM 843 –Health & Safety – Class #2 Key definitions Act: federal, provincial, or territorial law - basic regulatory mechanism for occupational health and safety Regulation: describe how the act will be applied in specific circumstances Guidelines and Policies: more specific rules that are not legally enforceable unless referred to in a regulation or act Standards and Codes: design-related guidelines established by agencies H&S LEGISLATION All OHS legislation includes the following elements: an act, powers of enforcement, workers' right to refuse unsafe work, protection of workers from reprisals, duties and responsibilities assigned to employers and others Duties & responsiblities Employer’s responsibilities: ensuring equipment is provided and properly maintained, appointing a competent supervisor *, providing information (including confidential information) in a medical emergency, informing supervisors and workers of possible hazards, posting the OHS Act in the workplace, preparing, and maintaining H&S policies and reviewing annually. *The word “competent” is important. Supervisor’s duties: ensuring workers comply with OHS Act and regulations, use or wear safety equipment, devices, or clothing, informing workers of possible hazards, providing written instructions, taking every reasonable precaution to ensure protection of workers *Here, “reasonable” is important. Worker’s duties: complying with OH&S Act and regulations, properly using safety equipment and clothes provided, reporting hazards, such as defective equipment, to supervisor, reporting any contraventions of the act or regulations Joint H&S Commitees (JHSC): required by law They train and certify at least one management member and one worker member. Certified members may be involved in inspections, work refusals, and bilateral work stoppages. Work refusals Workers have right to refuse u
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