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Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management HRM855
Dan Mc Garry

HRM 855 - Week 2 Lecture Notes 23 May 2013  criminal cases are beyond a reasonable doubt Case Study - Sobesky Outcome - suspended 1. was it his first offense? Yes 2. Company policy of zero tolerance can prove by #6 3. What was the progressive discipline of process? 4. Length of service: 32 years 5. Was it planned? No 6. Were there any other similar cases? 7. Was he trained in the policy? 8. How long or when was the training? 9. Was it documented? 10. Was he aware of the punishment for breaking this rule? 11. Was he apologetic? Yes 12. His agemiddle-aged or maybe close to retirement 13. Chance of funding a comparable job maybe, not 14. Did the punishment fit the crime? 15. Chance of rehabilitation In a non-union environment, you can Arbitration - a third party decision for dismissal Common Law - There is no set "x" number of service. There use to be a limit of 2 years. Rule of thumb shud be 4 wks per year service Legislator in Ontario sits at Queen's Park (at the end of University Ave) -Kathleen Statue sets the minimum - 1 week We still you common laws that date back 200 to 300 yrs ago. Constitutional law - "notwithstanding" clause (valid for only 5 yrs)  Happens every 5 yrs in Quebec - Bill 101 Feudal System  Think about Robin Hood  Exchange  We hav
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