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International Business
International Business SIB650

SIB650 Export Marketing Plan Project Part 3 25Marks Total referencesbreakdownMarksExecutive Summary10a Very brief overview of the firm and your chosen product lineA few strong 5points and a few weak points about your chosen countryregion from Part 1 and Part 2b A few highlights from this reportFor example you might outline your 5product positioning and pricing strategyThen you might outline which channel membersintermediaries will help you to sell this productThis summary will vary for every report depending on your particular circumstancesYou should end this summary with a financial overview of when the plan will become profitable and how much profit you expect it to generate in the first few yearsNOTE this entire executive summary should not exceed 2 pages doublespacedSection 5 Your Recommended Entry StrategyFor this section select one of your markets studied and complete your final Entry Strategy for that marketSelected Entry Strategy155Explain fully the reasons for selecting your entry strategy10Provide supporting evidence that this will be effectiveMarket Objectives31Outline your first year expectations for this market eg market shareinclude total industry size in this marketretailers carrying productunits sold2Do you want to heavily penetrate the market or get started finding a small base of customersTarget markets4Guide to 2Exporting Describe your target markets eg Who buys the goodservice or Chap 6similar ones that you propose to export end users businesses governments Demographics Psychographics Industry MRK106classification1Why does your target market buy How much do they buy Where and how do they buy 1What do your buyers care most about Price Quality Functionality Design Prestige Safety or Security Timeliness Reliability OtherProduct Strategy4Chap11 1Chap 16Be sure to cover all aspects of the product including all levels of product such as package warranty and branding reference Chapter 11 MRK106of text1What changes do you recommend be made to the product and whyINB200Are there any special requirements in terms of conforming to local 1technical or safety standards Sizes units of sale measurements INB220Labelling and packaging Instructions Handling and delivery Assembly Maintenance Aftersales service1Are there any cultural considerations acting against or demanding modification of the product the way it is marketed or the way it is labelled
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