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Seneca College
Public Administration - Municipal (Accelerated)
Public Administration - Municipal (Accelerated) BUS106
Keith Hebblewhite

SWOT Analysis Strengths: William is very motivated and ready to commit to this idea, he has a relative who also runs a pizza hut who can help guide him through the process of opening the franchise, he has minimum family responsibilities where his wife is working full time and both of his daughters are now married, he has money that he can invest and also owns his home so that shows he is very financially stable, he has the time to work with this venture, his experience as a line manager will help a lot Weaknesses: He does not have enough disposable income and assets to use toward this business, he is currently working as a senior administrator and will have to leave that position in order to manage the franchise, Opportunities: The opportunity is very attractive because after a few years he will start making a very satisfying amount of profit which will make the venture worth the work and investments, the location seems right and he can use the skills he
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