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Visual Merchandising Arts
Visual Merchandising Arts EAC150
Jonathan Cowans

AFORTUNATE IMMIGRANT Submitted To Jonathan Cowans EAC 150 – College English Prepared By Shiba Rehman OfficeAdministration Medical October 9, 2013 2 AFortunate Immigrant Cultural Shock is a feeling that occurs when someone migrates to a foreign country.An immigrant in a new culture is like a fish out of water. The immigrants start feeling anxiety and frustration due to different languages, new cultures, and strange people. I consider myself a fortunate immigrant, because I did not have to go through the cultural shock. The main reason for not becoming a victim of cultural shock was the support of my husband who welcomed me in Toronto. The second reason was that I started studying at Seneca College soon after my arrival. Seneca College became my first platform of interacting with people. I am enrolled in OfficeAdministration Medical (MES) since May 2013, and currently, I am in second semester. More than 7,000 students with several cultures, multiple languages, and different religions, all of this was strange to me. In addition to the cultural shock, foreign students usually face various hurdles; however, my challenge was not comparable to others, but rather strange one. It was Seneca’s puzzled architecture. On my first day at college I was excited. My husband dropped me off at the main entrance which leads to second floor. It was early morning and only
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