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Simon Fraser University
ARCH 100
Ross Jamieson

ARCH 100 – February 7 , 2011h Agriculture in China - At least two primary centres of early domestication, Huang Ho River in north, Yangtze River in southern China Huang Ho River Basin, China - Northern China along Huang Ho River, foxtail millet and pigs domesticated first - P’ei-li-kang Cultures, 6300-5100 BC - Riverine and loess (windblown soils) - Hoe and digging stick agriculture - Village movement when soil exhausted Yangshao Culture - 48—3200 BC in Huang Ho Basin - Ban-po-ts’un is most famous Yangshao site - Village of about 100 horses, with defensive wall - pigs, millet, several nuts, hemp for cloth, possibly silk as well - Cemeteries, pottery kilns Yangshao Pottery - Naturalistic Yangshao pottery is famous as early Chinese art style, expert potters Yangtze River Basin, Southern China - Separate reion of agricultural development - Wet rice paddy agriculture developed from 6000-4500 cal BC - Number of sites in Yangtze Delta show this transition Yangtze Rice Domestication - At 7000 cal BC Shangshan site has wild rice varieties, with pottery - 5500 cal BC Kuahuqiao site shows transition from wild to domesticated rice - By 4500 cal BC at Hemudu have intensive paddy farming of fully domesticated rice Kuahuqiao - 5700 to 5500 cal BC, extensive analysis of pollen, phytoliths - small village of houses on wooden pilings in tidal estuary - Environment heavily altered by human fires, creating rice and cattail environment - Domestic pig and dog, but mostly reliant on wild plant and animal resources from rich estuary environment -
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