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Simon Fraser University
ARCH 100
Ross Jamieson

ARCH 100 – April 11, 2011 An Estate in the Clouds: Inka Machu Picchu The Central Andes: Late Horizon (AD 1476-1534) The Inka Empire - Tawantinsuyu “Four parts together” - Suyu = quarter What is “Inka”? - “The” Inka, or sapa Inka (unique Inka), the ruler himself - “Inka of Royla Blood” – ideal 40,000 who lived in Cuzco itself - “Inka by Privilege” lived around Cizco, in surrounding valleys - Vast majority of empire were not called “Inka” at all Growth of the Empire - Expansion began in AD 1438 - Less than 100 years - Rapid expansion of empire - 10 million people Mummified Rulers - Treated as if alive - Ceremonies, feedings, gatherings. - Split inheritance - Each new ruler formed new royal lineage Inka core: Cuzco - 3400 metres above sea level Cuzco - Noble residences, ceremonial centre Coricancha - most famous temple - maize grown here is used only for ceremonial purposes Sacsayhuaman - outskirts of Cuzco - giant fortification - big stone masonry blocks ground down to fit each other, to create a big architectural piece of artwork - used as a military defense pointduring battles Inka – Large Territory - Modern Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile, and northern Argentina - UP to 500 km E/W - Around 5500 km N/S Roads - Main spine ran from Quito, Ecuador in north to Santiago, Chile in south - Whole system of roads come off this Ollantaytambo - rest and supply houses called “tambos” Architecture - Trapezoidal doors and niches - Fine masonry - State installations easily recognized Inka Provincial Administration - Leave local leaders in place - Marriage alliances - Local heirs/idols to Cuzco - Quiphu for communication Quiphu - Knotted string recording system - Mnemonic devices - Populations moved Mitmaq - Movement for labour - State works: roads, terraces, temples, etc
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